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Beauty Box By Mollie

Of all the projects I have done, this one has taught me a lot. It’s possibly the greatest learning experience of any recent project. This has been a sizable undertaking which has used all my skills as a photographer. And I have loved every minute. It has been wonderful working with Mollie and Claire McVey who have both been very encouraging. They have also been extremely clear on what they were looking for for Beauty Box. It has not been without its challenges but it has been an absolute joy from beginning to end. From day one it has been more than just a Business-to-Business (B2B) relationship, it has been a partnership. Obviously we discussed photography, but also marketing, websites, accountancy and business management here in France.

PS 1 & 3 6 North Marketing
PS One and ThreeSixNorth Marketing
Karissa Leonard, Photographer
Karissa Leonard, Founder and Lead Photographer

Through our connections, we were able to recommend a brilliant web development and marketing company in Canada: PSOne and ThreeSixNorth Marketing. They were introduced to us by Agronomix Software in Winnipeg, Canada. Our founder, Karissa Leonard, supplied the artwork for the Agronomix corporate art gallery. PS One and Three Six North Marketing have created the amazing new Beauty Box website, with an online store to buy the products. 

Mollie McVey

Opened in Magalas in 2018, Beauty Box by Mollie has rapidly become a centrepiece of this popular trading area of Magalas.

“I have known Mollie for a few years. She has impressed me with her entrepreneurial spirit, her attention to detail and her client-centric approach to her business.” says photographer Karissa Leonard, “Shortly after opening, my daughter became her youngest ‘client’ at just a few weeks old”.

Mollie McVey, Founder, Beauty Box
Mollie McVey, Founder, Beauty Box

Earlier this year we started discussing photography requirements which ranged from products to salon to team. Furthermore, we had just launched the professional 360° Virtual Tours. Mollie jumped at the chance having one available to her clients through her new website.

Welcome to Beauty Box

Beauty Box by Mollie

After graduating in Paris, Mollie started her business by doing home visits to her clients. After a year, she found a great location to open a salon. It is a very cheerful and welcoming place. The decor is modern, yet classy; subtle but outstanding. It feels like a place you want to visit over and over again (and we do).

There is a wide range of products and services available. From the seasonal popular items such as waxing and pedicure to year-round favourites like massages and facials.

Beauty Box Man

In January 2020, Mollie launched Beauty Box Man (BBM). BBM is new salon right next to Beauty Box by Mollie but with a masculine twist. The extensive list of treatment options are fully aimed at the male market. We are particularly drawn to the “Pint & Pedicure” as well as “Full Body Massage”. The massages and mans facials are the most popular year-round treatments, with waxing increasing in popularity in the spring and summer months. The decor of the mens salon is tremendously appealing and very easy to photograph. And, men do say that it’s a relaxing place to be.

SudFrance 360 Commissioned by Beauty Box

Lightbox photo of Beauty Box Man products



Lightbox photo of Beauty Box Man products

The first part of this project was to photograph all of the mens products for their website and Amazon store. The learning experience here was phenomenal. I started by ordering a Lightbox to get the perfect light fill around each product. I have photographed many single products before, usually food items for restaurants and take aways, but not so many at once; and not ones that need to be so clean around the product. With 22 products to get me going it was a great way to fill afternoons in lockdown!

Then I started on the 50+ ladies products and followed that with the packs.





All year round, clients love facials adapted to the skin type, and massages are also very popular. At this time of year though, it seems that there’s always a pedicure taking place! The top selling ladies products are the Sweet Orange and Rose Dry body oils, however the beautiful scented candles make great gifts.

The top selling BBM product is the face and body kit package containing face cream, face scrub, body wash, and dry body oil in a wash bag.

The service we are so proud to offer is easy, it's the right one for them, we don’t think of finance, we think of customer satisfaction. We are genuinely so happy and proud when a customer visits us. We offer such a personal service to suit each and every individual customer, in the hope they will stay with us for many years to come.

Claire McVey, Salon Manager

360˚ Virtual Tour of Beauty Box

This is a great example of what is possible with the 360˚ Virtual Tour. As you “walk” through Beauty Box and Man you will notice dots (tags) that can be clicked to give more information about a product or service. As we continue to work with Mollie we can add photos and videos to those tags. 

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